Design Sprints

Unlock transformative power with Design Sprints. I guide your team to fast-track problem-solving, encourage bold experimentation, foster collaboration, and center design on users. In just five days, we’ll compress months of work, gaining insights directly from your target audience. Let’s sprint towards success, innovating confidently and saving precious time and resources.

Leadership Retreats

Elevate your team’s potential with impactful Leadership Retreats. I guide your team in building stronger bonds, honing leadership skills, and setting strategic goals in an inspiring setting. Together, we’ll cultivate a culture of empowerment, collaboration, and innovation that propels your organization towards sustained success.

Executive Strategy Workshops

“Hey, thanks Martyn for the facilitation of this change workshop to help us understand what our services will look like in five years and how technology can help us get there at a faster rate than we would have imagined actually!”

“Really great insights that we got and great facilitation to lead us through a process to gain clarity, and a real excitement for what might be, what could be, what will be!”

—CAP CEO Aimee Mai

When you need people to align on common goals,
I can help guide them to make decisions
and solve complex problems together.

Together, we will use a best fit blend of targeted techniques taken from Design Thinking, Agile, Lean Startup, Systems Thinking, Enterprise Architecture, Product Management and more.

I can build and run your workshops with your people wherever they are.

Remote or Onsite.

Your most important asset is your time, and I can help you make the most of your team’s time together.

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